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Kimola Nature Trail

Kimola Nature Trail will take you to the scenery of the Kimola area. The trail is about 3,5 kilometers long and it starts at the old crane in the river.


Niivermäki Conservation Area

Niivermäki is a wonderful nature destination near the city centre.


Arboretum Mustila

Arboretum Mustila is a special kind of forest park in northern Europe. It is considered to be the oldest and largest one and the park has a unique magical atmosphere. The area consist of 120 hectares and...


Tolkkila Manor

Tolkkila Manor provides a wonderful setting for meetings and events. 20 gorgeous en-suite rooms and one of the finest sauna complexes in Southern Finland, with indoor and outdoor hot tubs. The manor is...


Onto a nature trail straight from a shopping centre

Kouvola is not all concrete. The majority of our area is covered in lakes and forests. Some of them are located right next to city centre.