Tykkimäki Area

The area of Tykkimäki

In Kouvola, we are somewhat of the opinion that the city must have everything that a person could possibly need. If you fancy going to an amusement park, then there should be one available. At Tykkimäki, we don't just have our own amusement park but also a motor racing track, sun-drenched beach of Käyrälampi, Aquapark water park and the campsite of Tykkimäki Camping. The latest addition to the services at Tykkimäki is a public sauna, Tykkimäen Sauna.

During the winter season, Tykkimäki amusement park and Aquapark are asleep, but Tykkimäen Sauna is open all year. You can also look for action at Tykkimäki Actionpark (at shopping centre Prisma), which is open also during winter time.


Käyrälammentie 20
45200 Kouvola

Kymen Mökit - Cottages

Rental cottages in the middle of the Kymenlaakso region, in Huruksela, Kotka.



Spacious 8 +2 person cottage for year-round use, Kouvola, Jaala. Private beach access, sauna, 3 separate bedrooms. http://ruhmaslehto.fi/?q=en/

Rouvintie 64
47710 Kouvola

Tykkimäen Sauna

Tykkimäen Sauna is an open sauna near Käyrälampi beach and Tykkimäki Amusement Park.

Lautarontie 3
45200 Kouvola

Tykkimäki Amusement Park

Tykkimäki is Finlands third largest amusement park. The park has almost 40 rides that will entertain the whole family. During the summer the park also has performances. You can eat in the many restaurants and cafes in the park.

Kanuunakuja 2
45200 Kouvola

Tykkimäki Aquapark

Aquapark has water slides, pools and saunas. You can also enjoy food in restaurant Loiske and the beautiful scenery to Käyrälampi.

Käyrälammentie 20
45200 Kouvola

Tykkimäki Camping

The area has cottages and you can also park your motor home in the area.

Käyrälammentie 22
45200 Kouvola

Escape Camp / Nature Experience Package

The event location is in a peaceful natural setting, but it is still just 15 minutes away from the centre of Kouvola. The experience package lasts 6 hours. You choose your favourite activity when you book, along with a delicious buffet from our selection.


Kouvolankatu 15
45100 Kouvola

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Käyrälampi DiscGolfPark

A disc golf course located near Käyrälampi beach.


Kouvola's Disc Golf Courses

45100 Kouvola